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These are very practical course for friends and family. You can work on yourself or in pairs, with lots of opportunity to ask questions and discuss what you are doing – find out more about how to get and stay fit and well using holistic approaches to health and complementary therapies, where appropriate.



Learn how to give yourself (or a friend) a lovely treatment by using pressure with fingers and thumbs to special points found on the hands which correspond to the various organs and systems in the body so you will be able to

  • Help bring the body into balance so it functions better.
  • Reduce stress, improve circulation & help cleanse the body of toxins & impurities – just remember to drink plenty of water afterwards to help flush them out.
  • Promote relaxation, stimulate energy, creativity and a more positive outlook – so vital with all the stresses of the past year.

It’s easy to learn and of course you usually  have your hands  to hand as it were!!  There is so much that you can do to help your own body work better as you relax on the sofa.

A wonderful Mother’s Day Gift  which won’t make you put on weight either!  Mothering Sunday is coming up fast so now’s the time to book your mother a treat with a difference.

Here are a few of the comments I have received from previous students :

‘Hand Reflexology really helps me when my back or neck are playing up – thanks Julie for teaching me how to do it!’ Kay C.

‘Well I’m so glad I learned where my teeth are – pinching and holding the right finger soon reduced the pain’ Jill D.

‘I’ll never forget your Hand Reflexology class – now I know how to help myself calm down and relax, so thank you Julie.’ Maureen M

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