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What Is An Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a wonderfully relaxing therapy, practised in India for over a thousand years – originally by women who found it also keeps hair thick, healthy and in beautiful condition. The techniques I use & teach are based on those used for generation upon generation in India, with some additions from other sources, to enable the areas most vulnerable to stress to be eased.

The treatment itself is both relaxing and invigorating – Massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face – stretching out tense muscles, stimulating lymphatic drainage and boosting the immune system. Focusing on the areas where tension and stress accumulates, it can ease these away, allowing blood vessels to carry the right quantity of blood to the whole of the head area, reducing headaches, eye strain, improving concentration and restoring neck mobility. After a treatment you will feel less hurried and more relaxed.

How Does A Indian Head Massage Work?

Help Your Mind, Body & Soul

There are three dimensions to this treatment – physical, mental and spiritual: by working on the physical body muscular tension can be eased, circulation improved and stored toxins like lactic acid flushed away allowing physical relaxation. Mentally, stress and tension affect our ability to ‘think straight’ and function efficiently. IHM tackles the spots stress & tension are most commonly held in the shoulders, neck & head.

The last part of the massage brings spiritual healing through the Aura – the invisible energy-field or layer round our bodies By gently massaging the aura you can begin to revitalise it and so also the person contained within.

Benefits Of An Indian Head Massage
  • Better blood circulation, providing more oxygen and removing toxins
  • Relief of eyestrain and tension headaches
  • Improvement in concentration
  • Chronic neck and shoulder stiffness eased
  • Improved movement in neck & shoulders
  • Better hair condition and even growth
  • Relief of mental tiredness and stress
  • Better sleep patterns
  • A feeling of lightness and well-being

Julie A. C. Quick: MAR

The Treatment​

Indian Head Massage requires no undressing and we do not use oils – it is done, very successfully, through clothes as you sit on a chair or stool. You will be asked to sit comfortably upright with yours eyes closed as we work first on your upper back and shoulders and your neck, giving extra attention to those very tense areas. We then move on to your neck and head – working on the scalp with some vigour to release tension and improve circulation. Your face will benefit next, and finally healing completes the treatment.

Indian head massage

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